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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vampire Run

Vampire Run is now FREE (normally $0.99)!

Hunt as a Vampire and fly through streets to save your family! After a 1000 year slumber a young Vampire awakes to find his family short on blood. Risk your life in the morning light by diving into the unknown world of today!

Endlessly run through streets biting the town folk to stay alive, but watch out for Vampire Hunters and other dangerous civilians who are on the hunt for Vampire blood!

Save up blood tokens and hunt down rare blood diamonds to unlock and play as different family members! Upgrade your Vampire stats to help them last longer in the dangerous town streets!

Vampire Run Features:

- Play as different Vampire Characters
- Transform from Vampire to Bat & Fly
- Explore Shops and Enemy Hideouts
- Search Underground Sewers
- Take new paths and travel different streets
- Amazing PowerUps
- Helpful Utilities to get you further
- 45 Missions to Complete
- Optimized for iPhone 5 & iPad
- Vampire Run world leader boards
- Game Centre & Facebook social features

For iPhone and iPod Touch:

For iPad:

For Android:


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