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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flying Dragon Bubble Surfer

Flying Dragon Bubble Surfer - ChaseNet Inc is FREE (saves you $2.99)!

You are Southern California Surfer Dude flying on the back of your secret pet dragon named "Spit". Test your balance through the rocky valley collecting the valuable temple diamonds along the way.

But watch out, because the Dogtown Dog Crew is out to knock you off your pet dragon. Avoid them and you'll win the game, but run into one and it's all over for you and Spit.

You can burst the Dirty Flying Dog Crew and turn them into water if your aim is good. Get your dragon to hit the Dog Crew with his water spitting mouth to make your escape a little easier.

Do you have the balance, aim and most of all courage to play this game? Lets find out, don't wait…Try it now!


- Battle against the dangerous Flying Dog Crew
- Game Center Supported. Challenge and play against friends to get the high score
- Collect the Diamonds of the Vale to unlock cool new game characters (Girl Character)
- Great graphics and sound make this game more enjoyable

For iPhone and iPod Touch:

For iPad:


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