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Monday, May 27, 2013

Beauty and the Beast - Interactive Bedtime Storybook

Beauty and the Beast - Interactive Bedtime Storybook is now FREE, saves you $3.99!

Beauty and the Beast - Interactive Bedtime Storybook brings to life Walter Cranes sensational original illustrations, combining them with tilt and touch controlled physics elements, touch animations, drag-able character cutouts and a whole array of fantastic sound effects.

A fairytale picture book that stays true to its gritty origin, complete with soothing music, antique visual style and beautiful art work presents a truly gorgeous addition to your digital book collection.


★ Beautifully rendered illustrations
★ Lute performed by Jon Sayles
★ Music performed by Roxana Pavel Goldstein & Elias Goldstein.
★ Fun and enchanting interactive compositions
★ Art work reproduce from high resolution archival scans


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