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Friday, May 31, 2013

Math Tools

Math Tools is FREE for a Limited Time only!

Counting, multiplying, timetables, number bonds and calculation skills. Math Toolbox teaches them all and more. Kids, Parents and Teachers love it!

This is a first class collection of interactive resources that have been designed by teachers and students to compliment pre-school and primary school math learning in 3-11 year olds.

Perfect for use in the classroom or for home learning, Math Toolbox is a collection of familiar math learning tools that allow young people to:

* Learn to count
* Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and times tables
* Develop an understanding of number ideas and number values
* Create number bonds
* Learn to use and practice multibase and number bond theories
* Challenge themselves through setting numbers and operations to create complex equations

Math Toolbox has within it:

* An Abacus for counting units, tens and hundreds
* Sets of 10, 20 & 40 Counting Beads for practicing number bonds
* Four different Number Squares to practice times tables, number sequences and much more
* An interactive landscape that allows you to create pictures and count as many objects as you can
* A set of Multibase tools which will help you visualise numbers and the rules of addition and subtraction
* A series of Numibond blocks which are a set of shapes and patterns that help you count and form number bonds
* A set of up to four Dice that will help you set operations, learn different counting methods and challenge yourself over and over again
* More tools coming soon!

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


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