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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goblin Defenders: Steel 'n' Wood

Tired of the same old boring tower defense games? Goblin Defenders: Steel'n'Wood breaks the mold, as it is a truly unique game in every way! Why fight off hordes from one single direction, like most other games? No, how about troves of enemies coming from all angles? That is what Goblin Defenders: Steel'n'Wood is all about!

Start with three guns, capable of ripping through crowds of attackers, and steadily upgrade as the game progresses! But beware, the game becomes more difficult as you play, with even more directions enemies will be coming from! So upgrading your guns and towers will be vital to survival! Oh, and you will definitely want to take out the sheep, they're sure to land you a great !surprise The ogres, spiders, and evil spirits are coming for you, so answer the challenge in Goblin Defenders: Steel'n'Wood!
Game Features:
  • 8 Fascinating maps and 4 unique environments!
  • 3 Difficulty levels, so anyone can enjoy the game!
  • 8 special monsters and 5 boss monsters!
  • 6 Unique guns, each with special power!
  • Unique Music on every zone (musician and composer Nikita Barey)
  • Unique tower upgrades, with each tower having 3 enhancements!
  • Bonus rounds to gather even more gold!
  • Unlock Survival Mode : See how many waves you can withstand.
  • Local and online scores, battle to be number one!
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later

For iPhone and iPod Touch:

For iPad:


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